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Io360a1a engine and b style prop for sale

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Yep me too,

I bought this one with the intention of parting it out but after flying it home it flew so nice and i knew how much the previous owner had put into it (over 100k ) and felt guilty at the thought of it so I thought I would go ahead and finish the restoration he had started instead, I put a new leather interior in and repainted it and did the extensive list of deficiancies it came with( over 30 things on the list )for the anuall including all new fuel and oil lines, new exhaust ect , new wheels brake discs ect , but then when I went to sell it a small group have been so busy bad mouthing the plane in the mooney community it has not sold, so much as I have tried to keep this great plane flying it is not to be, and unfortunately I cannot own two planes again,

So bottom line I am parting out what is as close to a brand new mooney e model as exists today.

I have completely rebuilt three other Pre j model moneys and have become friends with the new owners and it's a great feeling to see one of these great birds put back in the air , but a guy can only swim upstream for so long before he has to figure out its better to use the tide to his advantage,

It literally made me sick to my Stomac to pull the awesome garmin stack and auto pilot out of this thing

the other day. Feel like I let the previous owner down ! And it's just a waste of the beautiful work pippin York did putting it all together.

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