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Pirep at KIFP Laughlin NV


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Airport Pirep:

I went to an old favorite overnight stop at Laughlin NV yesterday. KIFP. It was first time since pandemic. It used to be a good stop for the 40 years ive been flying. I remember the old runway and walking to the water taxi. I got my seaplane rating there from old Joe Sheeble for $1500. I saw the same old yellow Piper still sitting there next to the river.

I bought 30 gallons at $7.25 /  gal. so handling fee waived. The overnight parking fee is $37. / night ( every night ) f*$! me! . Facility fee of $7. once per visit. There were very few planes on ramp....except an F from Utah showed up when I was leaving and we talked. Signature fbo.

It was the same as I remember before tower seems to be busy doing something else and takes a while to respond? 

There was still the free shuttle from The Riverside Casino in 10 minutes and rooms are still cheap. Tim McGraw is playing there next week. Riding the wave runners for a couple hours is still a blast. My friend liked the car museum in the casino.

The Colorado Belle is closed and fenced off so no more walking up and down the river sidewalk from the Riverside to Bubba Gumps. You have to go out to street to go around.

Good luck and happy landings


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Yes, things were better when the FBO was in the gas station and you could make the death dash across the freeway to get to the water taxi. 

I remember when they first built the new runway and there was the worlds steepest taxiway going up to it. It took full takeoff power to taxi up the hill. They ruined everything when they closed the lower ramp and made you use the fancy FBO at the top of the hill. Now you had to get a taxi or an UBER to get to town.

I got my multi from Sheeble in 95 for $900. It took 18 hours which included a nights sleep. I fixed the manifold pressure gauge on his Travelair, so he loved me.

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