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Anyone go to Exuma often in your Mooney?

I am thinking of going next weekend but there is a front coming though and winds forecast to 25 knots on the surface which would make the beach less than comfortable and that is the only reason to go there. 

Any suggestions on places to stay?

Plan B would be to stay further north for this trip maybe Paradise Island....


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Well, what do you  like to do while you are there? Treasure Cay on Abaco has a golf course. Bimini has great bonefishing and decent offshore fishing, but if winds really are howling that would be difficult on any of the islands except maybe Andros if your guide could find a sheltered spot, that is more likely on Andros than the others. Stella Maris at Long Island is a nice setup, they don't have a golf course but have recreational activities, rental bikes, boat tours, etc. and a nice dining room. You can find that kind of stuff almost anywhere except not the nice dining room. When I go to the Bahamas I like to sort of make it up for myself depending on the wx and which side of the island the wind is coming from. Rent a boat and go explore. Not big on the touristy places, too much to experience by hanging with the locals. 

Various islands and communities on islands have their own local gatherings and festivals. We went to Sandy Point once to go fishing, it was spring, probably early April, and we discovered while we were there that there was a local "block party" with booths selling local cracked conch, conch salad, lobster, other Bahamian specialties. We had a great time and the community is only about 700 people. We had dinner one evening with some of the bonefish guides, Patrick Roberts and some of his friends. They were all really tall so I half-jokingly said they should play basketball. They looked sort of sheepish and then Patrick said they were the Bahamian National Champion basketball team the last two years. Sandy point is really tiny, I think Oeisha's resort is the only place to stay and the "resort" is very basic, but Sandy Point is a gem and great fishing if the wind does not blow you out. It turned out that in that tiny basement room we had probably ten people who were National Champions at something, including my best friend, now deceased, who played for Lombardi for several years.

Best diving if he is still at it is Brendal Stevens on Green Turtle. Good places to stay at Bluff House and the Green Turtle Club. Better check though, Dorian hit very hard in that area I don't know what has been rebuilt.

Never been to Exuma. Next on my list.

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