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Garmin g5

Richard Allen

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5 minutes ago, Richard Allen said:

Updating panel to g5s on j model.

now I discover vacuum system cannot be removed because speed brakes need vacuum supply.

has anyone had a similar experience 

Yes, some people keep the pump for the speed brakes.    For older models some people keep it for the step. 

You could look into replacing the brakes with electric ones, or putting in a standby vacuum pump that just drives the brakes, so when you flip the switch it turns the pump on.    Another option is deleting the brakes or just not using them.

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The "conversion" of the speed brakes to electric is really just replacing them with the electric ones.  So costly.

Luckily my plane was done before I bought it.  I did not know until looking through the paperwork and found the STC for the electric speed brakes.


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See if we can sum up a few details…

1) Speed brakes… a nice benefit to have.  Certainly not a need… unless descending over a class B airport from 7k’ is your norm…. Go NYC!

2) Changing from vac driven to electric… probably requires a different foot print in sheet metal… check your details… Since Gacoon removed his, putting back a different set has got to be possible!

3) When keeping vac driven brakes… some form of vac is required… there are plenty of electric vac pumps being removed from Mooneys… lately. Again check the details if the STC still applies for this install… it’s original purpose was to drive the AI when the vac pump croaks…

4) Oddly, some people have kept the engine driven vac pump to drive the remaining vac job… speed brakes…


+1 For the ability to remove the brakes…

It can be tough holding off 12 LBs… forever… :)

That’s like an hour a day in the gym… and giving up French fries, bread, and rice…. (Or cutting way back…)

The hard part… working out in the gym that much… risks building some muscle weight… 

Expect another 10 minutes on the treadmill…. Then time when you eat proteins to not allow optimization of muscle building…

PP thoughts only, not a fitness or dietary guru…

Best regards,


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23 hours ago, ArtVandelay said:

Alot? 12.8lbs.

 Removal of vac system and speed brakes netted me 38 lbs.  removed side panel and took out all plumbing running to the back, removed all brackets, etc.  fabricated exact match wing plugs which were screwed into existing holes and painted.  A lot of little stuff also like vac gage.  Then updates to POH. 

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AFAIK the switch from vacuum to electric speed brakes is removed all the vac parts.  Installing the electric speed brake capsules and running wires.

Mine were done after the last paint job and there is no visible indication of modifications around the actual units.

Precise Flight states the electric speed brakes are 9 pounds.  I suspect the vac ones, even without the vac pump, are more.  You have the bellows and the linkage.

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