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Looking for a turbocharger for Rocket Engine


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4 minutes ago, rocketman said:

During a recent annual on my 1980/1992 231 Rocket I noticed the turbocharger has dent in the housing unit and will need to be repaired(?) or replaced. Anyone know who can help me with this or can sell me a turbocharger?


Turbine side, or compressor side?  And when you say "dent", do you mean an indentation from the outside toward the inside?  I'm trying to imagine what could cause that.

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19 hours ago, N201MKTurbo said:

You can send it out to a turbo shop, like Main Turbo or ATC. They can replace the compressor housing if nothing else is wrong. If you have an adventurous mechanic, he can probably change the housing.

Any mechanic who pulls the turbo will need to know how to remove the intake housing.  The turbo cannot be removed or installed in one piece.  The motor mount cage opening is smaller than the assembled turbo!  On removal, the intake is removed from the exhaust and center section, slid left (pilot side) as far as possible, then the turbo is removed sans the intake section.  Only after the center/hot section assy is removed do you have clearance to turn the intake section sideways to remove it.  The two previously mentioned shops have rebuilt or exchanged turbos for me on the three I've done over my Rocket ownership with about the same life expectancy (about 1,000 hours).

If your hours are not near "turbo TBO", I would just replace the housing (and fix the source of the damaged housing).


Mooney Rocket Turbo.jpg

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I was looking for a rebuild or new turbo for my rocket 6 weeks ago. Called multiple locations and was told there is nothing available for months due to a back log of orders. If you find a source please let me know.


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I spoke with Gary at Main. He said Hartzell has not produced rebuild kits nor new turbos for 520NBs. The back order list is so long that he didn’t even want to guess at a timeline. RAM in Waco said said the same. 

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