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M20K cowling repair/Camloc installation

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The Camlocs on the upper cowling of my M20K were replaced by screws.  I'm guessing due to the fiberglass wearing through.  Has anyone done a cowling repair to fill the holes and re-install Camlocs?  If so, does anyone have suggestions on the process involved?  I have done fiberglass work in the past via construction of my Cozy IV and maintenance of my LongEz.  I’m guessing you must make some plugs for the holes then grind down and taper the glass around the holes and fill with several layers of glass and finally redrill and fit the Camlocs.  Then there is replacing the nut plates with the Camloc receptacles.


If anyone has done this or had it done in the past, recommendations would be appreciated.

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Are the wide flanges similar in size to the wide countersunk washers?  I guess I can order some of these and see if they do the trick.  Do you have the part numbers by any chance?

The size is a little smaller than the washers.
I do not have part numbers, I needed to customize the lengths, took 4s and 5s I think.
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Thanks Tom.  I'll give Skybolt a call.  I'm sure they've seen this before.  So you ordered the Camlocs individually and not part of a complete kit, correct?
Thanks for your input,

I order a 4,5,6 and then tested which one fit best in each hole, then ordered what I needed.
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54 minutes ago, ArtVandelay said:

I order a 4,5,6 and then tested which one fit best in each hole, then ordered what I needed.

I did the same thing except I was able to borrow some Camlocks from a shop I use and figure out what I needed. You can't go by the parts book  because the thickness of the fiberglass varies. Probably another reason why it takes so many hours to build a Mooney :D

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