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Used misc avionics for sale from M20F

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Hello all, I just put in a Garmin EIS and have some gauges/a few other radios to get rid of. Figured I'd post here first before heading to Ebay or Barnstormers. All prices are OBO

See attached pics

Cluster gauges: includes both fuel quantities, oil pres and temp, and amps. cyl head temp is inop. LH fuel gauge was recently overhauled by Air Parts, can provide a copy of the 8130 if desired. Make offer for whole cluster or individual gauge(s)

KI 202 VOR/LOC indicator - no idea if it works, since the radio it was linked to was inop when I purchased the plane. No reason to think it doesn't, though, and it wasn't labeled inop. SOLD

Combo fuel pres/manifold pres gauge - worked upon removal. Asking $200

Insight graphic engine monitor 602 - worked upon removal except #4 CHT didn't indicate. Probably just needed a new probe. I have the old probes (both EGT and CHT) I can throw in if you want, but they're tired looking, and I don't know which one was the #4 CHT. Comes with on/off button. Have install manual and pilots guide booklet. Asking $600

KNS 80 NAV system - inop when I bought the plane. I never bothered to fix it, and when I finally ripped it out, I found a broken wire while crawling under the panel. I'm guessing it was the power wire, so the thing probably would work if hooked up to power. This is probably only good for a parts radio anyways, as there's much better systems out there nowadays. Have wiring harness but no tray. Make offer


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