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Longeron corrosion in tail

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Any suggestions on where to find parts for a longeron replacement on a 1964 Mooney C converted to a D?  Looks like I am looking for P/N's

3451-1  left stiffener
3451-2  stiffener right
3935-7 longeron, left
3935-8  longeron, right

Thank you.

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Not that it would matter…. It’s an M20-C converted to an M20-D (fixed gear)? Check with a Mooney Service Center and see if the parts are available from the factory and if not Mooney should be able to tell you what alloy was used so they can can be fabricated 

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Call LASAR or another Mooney service center to get the part. It’s an easy one for the factory to make- it comes undrilled. Not a monumental project to replace one on the plane.

Are you sure you need both the stiffener and the longeron? Sometimes, it’s just the stiffener (the shorter piece) that is corroded.

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