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Noob question - I am a new Mooney owner (as of last December) and am excited that this will by my first Mooney summit. My wife and I will be flying into KPTF on Saturday and staying at the Courtyard Tampa Downtown, as suggested. Is there shuttle service between the airport and hotel? Am I reading correctly that we are meeting at different places? If so, there is transportation to those, right? What if we wanted to rent a car - I don't see a rental place at the airport. What are our options?

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50 minutes ago, DonMuncy said:

I'm also at the Floridan Palace.

Me too. Who knew there was an arty farty show there tonight with crazy tree trunk dancing and rose flower as well as over 1/2 million in exotic cars parked out front from  Lamborghini Ferrari Bugatti Maserati and BMW Mercedes.  




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I don't ordinarily write hotel reviews because most are "meh".   The Floridan hotel torqued me off so bad that I did write a review.   Included here for your reading pleasure...


If you want to sleep in a hotel, this is not a good one to stay in, at least on a Saturday night.

Rating: 1.0

Liked  · Built in 1926, the building is historic.

Disliked  · When we checked in, a fire alarm beeped loudly from a locked closet in the hallway near our room. I asked the front desk about it. The staff person told me that someone was working on it and will have it turned off very soon! The next morning when we decided to check out and go to another hotel, that alarm was still beeping. It beeped from our arrival until our departure. The things that they can control that affect guest comfort, they don't seem to care. The air conditioner in the room is a Chinese unit mounted high on the wall. It has a ridiculously bright blue LED on it that casts a lot of light after you turn off the room lights. Blue light. Just the kind to keep you up. I wound up covering it with a big band-aid because the LED button on the remote would not turn it off. Finally, on Saturday night Sept. 17, 2022, downtown Tampa was filled with exceptionally loud vehicles zooming around the urban canyons getting great joy from making tons of noise and keeping people from going to sleep. Cars, trucks and motorcycles! Lots of them creating continuous engine revving noise. The fan on the wall mount a/c was not loud enough to drown it out. Sadly the 1926 Floridan Hotel only has single pane glass windows. We weren't able to fall asleep until the noise died down sometime between 2:30 and 3:00 a.m. We were on the 15th floor! Book a more modern hotel with double pane windows! Finally, I'm a Civil Engineer. The exterior of this building is coming apart. A piece of the windowsill in our room that looked to weigh 2 or 3 lbs was in the process of falling off. From 15 floors, that's deadly. The window was painted shut so nobody could attempt a repair or remove this potential skull crusher.

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