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WAAS or NO WAAS? | VFR Flight Following | Orange County MGJ to Columbia 1B1| Mooney N6887N


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If you would like to help support PilotFun101 check out our website HERE at https://pilotfun101.com/ for MERCH E-Mail - PilotFun101@gmail.com Consider Subscribing and Fly Along! Fun flight to Columbia County from Orange County. Flight following out of NY. If you can get a WAAS unit it will be worth the extra money! Thanks for Flying Along!


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Special Thank You to Dynon Avionics - https://www.dynonavionics.com/ (Best All-In-One System)

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Check out aviation fun stuff on Amazon https://www.amazon.com

This Video is for entertainment purposes only and is not to be considered flight instruction in any way. Please contact your local CFI for flight instruction. This channel and it's content does not represent the views of the FAA. #PilotFun101 #Mooney #Dynon

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