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1983 M20J value


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Trying to put a used market value on my 201.   I'm thinking around $160k.  Am I way off?  Here are the specs...

1983 Mooney M20J - Turn key IFR ready

Engine: IO-360-A3B6D 
Airframe TT: 2090
Garmin G600 (GAD 43/GDC 74A/GDL 69A/GRS 77)
Garmin GNS-430W 
Garmin GTX-345 
Garmin G5
Garmin GMA-347 
King KFC 150 
King KY-197 TSO 
King KNS-80 
King KR-87 TSO 
Annual completed: 8/2021 

FAR 91.413 inspection: 8/2021
FAR 91.411 inspection: 8/2021
500hr magneto inspection completed: 7/2020

Interior & paint: Very good


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So Targhee…

When it comes to valuations….

There are a few reasons to have this done…

1) You are considering selling….

2) You need to accurately value the aircraft for insurance purposes…

3) You need a value to impress your family members with, on how well your airplane investment has worked out… :)

4) You want to refinance the plane, and the bank wants a solid resource for your valuation…

For round numbers… you can probably use the MooneyFlyer site for its valuation tool….

For specific numbers… there is only one resource that has his fingers on the numbers… and there still isn’t a statistically significant amount of data for some things… 

How accurate do you need the number to be?

PP thoughts only, not a finance guy…

Best regards,


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