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is it hard to find?

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Dear members 

first, thanks for your support and the time you will took to read this post.

I wonder about aircraft owners, do they wait a certain time of the year to sell an aircraft? i live in Europe, and i'm looking for a good M20, a J prefarbly.

i don't see a lot of them for sale except in the USA. There are a lot of Mooney for sale but travelling far to find the right one is not an option for me

maybe Mooney owners are not interested to sell their aircraft ? :-) and i can understand :-)

i have study the case about "regular cost and variable, hangar, insurance, etc... "I'm looking to acquire because i have enough of renting.

but all advices are welcome !

thanks once again 

*********************************Eric "Trigger"*******************************************


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Welcome aboard Trigger!


I have an answer for you…

Yes and No….


When it comes to Buying and selling things… there can be seasons that are best for both…. And Months where  nothing moves…

This works for houses, cars, boats and planes…


These are seasonal fluctuations…. Which are relatively small for airplanes…

With the fixed costs of insurance and hangar… nobody waits for spring to sell a plane that needs to be moved out…


The bigger underlying current is macro economics related…  supply vs. demand…


Planes are in great demand this year, their supply is incredibly limited… prices are relatively high this year…  as are house prices and stock markets around the world…

There is always a flow of Mooneys from TX… outwards.

We have watched @adrian who bought a plane and flew around the US as he gained experience with it before crossing the pond from Maine to France… it’s been many years since then…  click on adrian’s black box and find everything he wrote on the subject… :)

Relocating planes from far away is expensive…  people that are far away may have done this before… so finding the right way to do this may be a great idea…

There are a few resources in Europe that know when a Mooney is coming to market… Owners and mechanics…. The owners are around here often… the mechanics are sometimes found at an MSC…  MSCs are listed on the Mooney website… by country.

Mooneys cross the pond a few times each year… every now and then… a Mooney Will circumnavigate the globe…

Go Mooney!

Best regards,





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Consider a partnership - seriously.

Apart from that, if traveling to see a potential purchase isn't possible for you, you'll need to consider a "buyer's agent" - someone whose day job is to buy planes for people. They will eventually find a plane for you, arrange a pre-purchase inspection, ferry flight, transition training, and whatever else they can sell you on, like upgrades and such.

There are a few people around Europe that offer  this kind of service. I haven't had much luck with that approach, but that is due to me being a CB and having the option to travel to see a promising prospect. But I did kiss a number of toads that didn't turn into princesses as well.

Again - do look around and see if you can get into a partnership. Most planes, especially here in the EU, don't fly as much as they should, and a good partnership is in the best interest of all parties involved. I just paid 250 EUR to get two friends added to the insurance on my M20K.

And when looking around, don't get fixated on a M20J. Do consider that a different model might be acceptable, especially if in a partnership (especially non-equity). I wanted a J, ended up with a K, and am happy about it.

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Hello trigger,

I am owner of a M20J and can share this is a great plane for europe if you accept to fly without TKS,

I see you are based in Belgium’ I was myself in Tours, then in Paris for several years and could use the plane all year long,

Had to watch for weather and reasonable IFR with positive temperatures on the ground up to 4000ft gave me some margin with flat terrain around,

To find a plane i suggest you watch : Plane Check

PS : there is a flying club using M20J of 1994 you should contact IOPA of Luxembourg very nice folks




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I too would echo Philip's view that you need to keep scanning planecheck. I am a part-owner in a M20J that is based where I did my PPL. There were initially two Mooney at our airfield and for both they were looking for part-owners. So, I would say that you should look around where you're based and ask the owners if they're open for partnership. Just choose a sunny weekend when everyone is itching to take their planes for a spin :) You might be surprised how many owners might be open to the idea. 

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To all of you, i would like to thank you for answers and solutions 

i really appreciate this forum and it's always cool to see "aviation is a mindset of sharing"

For the moment i read a lot of post and differents website where i've found a lot of information on mooney aircraft

It's always better to be the only one owner. You're not depending of an other one but all the cost are for your pocket.

yes indeed..

Somebody told me "if you want to buy an airplane, buy one you can't rent !

and you agree, the mooney are so gorgeous. There are not lot in renting

i will take my time : first : Find the right aircraft and second finding maybe a sharing option with an other owner.

More many thanks to all of you

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