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Mooney M18 Memorabilia

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"FRIEND OR FOE"  Early 1950's Topps Trading Cards (200 Total Set). This set of trading cards had a painted depiction of an airplane (based on aircraft photographs provided by New York Herald Tribune) on one side and a  "Friend or Foe" Quiz" on the opposite side, Condensed specifications were also included on the opposite side. 

This card is of the lighter weight Lycoming powered M-18L model.  (Later M-18C models were Continental A65 powered with 850lbs gross weight and max cruise of 143mph).



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Looked for a Mickey Mantle in the drawer with no luck, but turned up what appears to be another TOPPS Trading Card. This is the TOPPS JETS SERIES.

"Mite" is in quotation marks because Al Mooney only marketed the plane as the "M-18L/LA/C/C55" other than the 1953 models that were marketed as the "Wee Scotsman" to promote the aircraft's low operating costs. "MITE" was a nickname used by an airplane magazine contributor submitting a flight review. The name stuck right up until it became official on Jan 28, 1999 (US DOT N 7110.183). A very popular spray plane with the M-18 designator replaced the Mooney M-18 designation and the M-18 officially became designated "Mooney Mite" as far as the US Department of Transportation FAA, ICAO, NAV CANADA and Eurocontrol are concerned.



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