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Kind of a too close up pic...

Hard to tell what that could be without having seen it yesterday...

Or the other bolt that goes through the tube... and disappears through the floor board?

This is where you break out the parts manual and the service manual and review the drawings with your mechanic...

Looks like what ever it is... it is clamped in place... and painted to match.

If you have cowl flaps...  some of the parts look very similar and are in that area...

If your cowl flaps don’t move...  this may be related to the non movement aspect...   :)

Have you reviewed the logs for anything added or removed from your plane in this area?

Interesting puzzle...

Best regards,


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Doesn't look like a nose wheel well. I see hard fluid lines and attachment to the floor boards. Hard to tell from the close up view, but it kind of looks like part of the flap jackshaft on the left. Got any more pictures?

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26 minutes ago, Tony Starke said:

Looks like the mechanical upstop adjustment tube. The threaded part is the adjustable piece. Turns in or out and lock it with the set screw.

Yep, that’s it. 

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Tony Starke wins today’ memory recognition award!


It takes a ton of memory to be able to recognize all things Mooney...

I was at the wrong end of the plane...

+1 for Skip supplying the facts!

Best regards,


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