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Replace or repair the fresh air vents in the headliner of a J model

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My fresh air vents in the headliner are not working.  No air coming through.  When we removed the headliner we found the individual vents in various states of disrepair.  It appears they were repaired several times in the past and are pretty rough now.  I have attached pictures for your viewing pleasure.

It appears there are three parts:

1. the plenum (black plastic part)

2. Eyeball vent (Wemac I believe)

3. Flange that connects the eyeball to the plenum.  The flanges were originally attached to the headliner but were cut out when the headliner was covered in fabric.

Two of the plenum are cracked in two pieces, The flanges are non-existent or in very questionable condition.  The eyeballs are all fine.

My mechanic is struggling with how with how to fix this system.  Specifically, a way to attach the plenum to the headliner with the eyeball in the middle.  I checked with Plane Plastics and they only supply the headliner, not the above parts.  I've been calling Mooney all day but only get a busy signal.  Does anyone have a creative way to make this work?  I'm hoping some part from a 1978 Chevy Nova with make this all better!








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You have your work cut out for you, if you will excuse the lousy joke.

There are three parts to that valve. The aluminum Wemac valve itself, and the parts that Mooney calls the Seat (the part made of the same plastic as the headliner) and the Duct Assembly (the part made of black ABS)

Mooney had the Duct Assembly in stock when I called them last summer. I would be very surprised if they still stock the Seat. That might require some MacGyver skills.

Here is a recent thread that discussed this.

The part number are from the K IPC but yours look identical.



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Hi Glen

I was able to successfully repair my headliner vents following "expert work" by an A&P mechanic who was in a hurry. The before picture is here:


I ordered new wemac duct/adapter assemblies from LASAR:



I did keep the seats but I would write to Stephanie Bragg at Plane Plastics ( stephanie.bragg@vantageassoc.com ) and see if they can make a set of seats for you if you send in the old ones. They will make all kinds of parts that are not in the catalog, they are not PMA'ed but are classified as "owner produced parts" since you are causing them to be manufactured. I kept the fabricated attachment strips, they allow removal of the assembly without destruction in the future. Disadvantage is one can see six very small screw heads around the wemacs from the cabin side. Here is the finished product before I added just a small amount of RTV on the corners, just the minimum amount to stops any leaks. I cleaned the wemacs with Goof Off and then lubed with a small amount of Boeshield. They are working better than ever before!





Hope this helps.

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OH MY!!!   What a lifesaver.  I've been having anxiety over how to fix this problem.  Thank you for your help.  I have the adapters ordered.  Mooney will produce the seat for me, although I have to wait three weeks.

My sincere thanks to you and all the others who have shared our knowledge and experience. 

BTW:  I have a home in "The Creek", too.


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Larry, thank you for your response.  You used the work "easily" regarding designing and printing the seats. What might be easy for you is more like brain surgery for me! And I don't have a 3D printer.  But I know your heart was in the right place  :)

I have a lead on a company that might have them available.  I'll keep you'll posted.


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