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Im looking to purchase Mooney 231... Any available?

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I've been looking now for almost a year. I am ready to purchase but can't seem to find the right one... Most are high times and ran out engines... Help! Hopefully, I can find that plane that will be well maintained that needs a new home. If you know of a 231 that your buddy is thinking of selling or you are considering letting your baby go. I am serious and ready.

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Welcome aboard BB!

Are you confident enough to manage an engine over-haul?

Many people looking for their second Mooney like buying one with a fully run-out engine...

This allows them to start with a clean slate... devoid of all unknown bad habits of a previous owner...

Some engines get treated as if they are made of gold...

Others get used in flaming dragon mode, often.... (normal, for high speed cruise in the FLs)

If not familiar...  GMax is a great resource for the Mooney market... https://www.gmaxamericanaircraft.com

Inventories there are pretty slim as well...

Best regards,


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The other option of buying a high time engine is that you're going to go through a fair amount of training time.  So if you do that on a high time engine you not as worried about all the power cycles that are a given with training.

At some time after you're all done with the training, you'll decide it's time for your new engine, then as @carusoam said, you can then start off with a new engine and actually fly it the way you want.


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Having just gone through an overhaul, I wouldn't want to buy a plane that needed one in the first year or even two. It would be a miserable way to start out ownership, and might just kill the enthusiasm and desire..

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1 minute ago, larryb said:

On the other hand, you could need an overhaul in your first year even with a low or mid time engine.

Right - one of the great truths of GA - it might need an overhaul at any time no matter how confident you feel its all good.  So be sure just in case you can afford an instant overhaul.  :-/

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