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Pre J Cabin Door Seal

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I have located a used good condition door assy with original door seal to remove and have a extrusion made.

912018-001 was oem

ams3207 spec / Duro 25

This will be done in grey mil spec silicone with a very soft Duro , sold with clear silicone cement.

Will be sold with certs and trim to fit.

Stay tuned 


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2 hours ago, GEE-BEE AEROPRODUCTS said:

I need a 2 inch or 3 inch sample of original 

mooney owners can’t come together like the beech owners 

All you’d have to do is ask Alan Fox for a sample from the next sawzall salvage airframe.  

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5 minutes ago, GEE-BEE AEROPRODUCTS said:

That’s a brown aircraft supply part number 

not oem 


And Brown supplies mooney with the door seal. They’re the OEM supplier.  Call them and ask.  

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@GEE-BEE AEROPRODUCTS, do you have a website that shows what you sell for Mooneys?  Your work looks fantastic and I would be interested in replacing some of my hoses, etc... in the future.  They replaced a scat hose on my carburetor heat box during my annual.  I wish they would have told me first because I would have ordered it from you instead.  They used the regular style with the wire and reading the various posts I am sure the wire will be poking through soon enough.  But I would like to get an idea of what my options with you are.  Thanks.

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