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We have numerous sponsors and returning for Mooney Summit, however I wanted to highlight two new sponsors who will be attending for the first time this year:

MT Propeller / Air Resource LLC - My Missile will be on display so you can all check out the new four blade MT prop on it and Larry will be there representing Air Resource and MT Propeller. He's the DER and distributor. I'm so far very happy with the four blade as you all know.

Tanis Aircraft Products - Tanis specializes in engine pre-heat systems however they have other solutions for our airplanes as well. I didn't know this (but found out during my recent significant work on my Missile) that there's a customer loyalty program. They will give you a significant discount on a new style system in exchange for your old one so it does not get sold on ebay. They are trying to get their old systems off the secondary market as they've moved to different types of heating element connections. I'm personally happy with my new system. The owner of the company worked with me to swap out some heating element and probes to dual units in order better fit my current setup vs purchasing new probes in addition the heating element. It in the end saved me some money as part of the new system. I'm happy with it.

If anyone has had a positive experience with a vendor that you think would benefit from attending Mooney Summit, please send them to me or Rick Junkin (I'll simply forward them to Rick Junkin).

I hope to see everyone in October as long as we are able to hold Mooney Summit VIII legally and it makes sense to do so.


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One of the coolest things about the MT prop....

Is the sound difference compared to the aluminum props...

I took some videos of the NJMP guys leaving a fly-in...

You could tell Erik departing just by the calm sound.... :)

Best regards,


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