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Panel upgrade pricing and functionality

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Hi again,

Trying to get similar functionality...

EFIS SA, LPV autopilot approach capability, ADS-B IN wx and traffic, Engine monitoring, plus Terrain awareness and alerting.  Interested in pros and cons, is this a fair comparison (if not what equipment lines up side by side better), compatibility comments, costings (RRP), and INSTALL TIMES if anyone would like to comment. 

Also is it possible to drive legacy autopilots from Dynon attitude equipment or would TC or Vac AI have to remain?


G vs DA comparring.jpg

brackets error
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7 hours ago, carusoam said:

Easy question to ask...

But incredibly difficult to answer...


Where are you and your plane located currently?

Best regards,



4 hours ago, ArtVandelay said:

You don’t need the FS210 or TAWS, G3X has built in BT ability and terrain alerts.

In other words, they will be pretty close to the same price, pick which one you like the best.

I'm in Sydney Australia.  Copy great info, thanks!!

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