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Oxygen System Overhaul

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Hi Guys,

so I have a question especially for you flying in Florida.

Since I need to get the oxygen system inspected and maybe also overhauled I wanted to ask you, for the ones that have an O2 System in their Mooney, where one can get an inspection in Florida without having to spend a fortune on it.


The story behind that is the following one:

I own an M20K in Europe and I had several offers over here which were around 650-750€ for a complete assembly (cylinder+regulator) inspection. I have to get over to FL anyway for FAA related matters, so my idea was to get that stuff done simultaneusly.

I thought that over there the cost for an inspection would be less then over here but I got proven wrong: about 1000$ for a standard OH and 1600 for an average one.

Does someone of you know better places to get the OH done or is that estimation I got realistic?


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Have you checked with Aerox? I believe they are in FL

If you can ship, TurboProp East in MA is a great shop and a lot less than what you got quoted but for inspection only (no OH of the regulators).

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I just sell the bottles. 115cf Kevlar for $1475

Must you use the same type of bottle kevlar,aluminum ,steel that your system was stc'd with?

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Hey George,

What do you have in mind?

A lot depends on the system that you have...

Most likely, there are various bottles that will work with your system, from sizes to materials...

Let’s ask Jimmy, he has a ton of experience with this...  @jgarrison (O2 bottle questions above)

Best regards,


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