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Trying here before Barn Stormers. 

Back in the day I purchased this GX65 new, thinking it may have only 300 hrs on it before I removed it. 
Radio worked perfect, screen and display worked perfect. 

Includes GX65, tray and antenna not shown. No connectors. Would be perfect for a replacement. 

Been in my heated hangers it’s whole life so no extreme temperature variations ( if it matters or not ). 

Was going to install it in my RV7 but decided to do another IFD540 instead. 






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Something sounds fishy...
Is it normal for the map supplier, to blame the hardware supplier, allowing the map supplier  to screw the customer..?
Some Garmin/UPS nav devices live on indefinitely without support...   yet, They would need continuously updated charts to stay AW...
What do these guys have in common?
Because, sunsetting hardware support has little to do with sunsetting chart support...
Way to go Jepp!  :)
I feel your insincerity...
What did I miss?
Best regards,


Effective December 3, 2020: Due to Garmin sunsetting the GX series, Jeppesen will no longer be able to offer NavData services for the GX50, GX55, GX60, GX65 and 2101 GPS units.
Jul 2020 | 
Article #: 000004790 | 
Version: 1
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The GX65 is for enroute and terminal use and I doubt that the majority of GX operators is paying $300-$500 annually to update the data bases in their radios anyway. On the other hand the COM section of the GX60/65 is identical with the SL40/SL30. IMHO one of the best com's ever made. For the same price as a used SL40 you get the GX65 with the additional benefit of a GPS function. The GX60 drives my Accutrac as well as the GNS430 and when I want to talk to ATC I prefer the GX over the GNS. From my experience the sound quality in the GX / SL radio is better than the GNS radio and on top of it I have the monitor function to listen to a second frequency. In my opinion the GX is a perfect number 1 com in a VFR airplane and a great #2 in an IFR airplane.


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On 1/29/2021 at 3:31 PM, skykrawler said:

Hold on to that firm price because the database won't be available.




Always a negative one somewhere........

As stated, this would make a great ( wait for it ).....................REPLACEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont really need to sell it, don’t care if I do, just thought I’d list if someone is in the need for the same. 


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48 minutes ago, skykrawler said:

Strange that a truth is perceived as negative.  Potential buyers need be aware.

How about instead of being an asshole , And saying "Hold on to that firm price"  , you just note that the databases are no longer being supported...


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  • pirate changed the title to GX65 SOLD.

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