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Maintenance Tracking App

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39 minutes ago, Skates97 said:

I keep track on an Excel spreadsheet.

+1 because I'm cheap and while I hate spreadsheets, an aircraft time and maintenance tracker is fairly easy to set up. I'd like to get a copy of @Skates97 version, as I'd bet it is far more detailed with formulas than mine is...

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I use planelogix. It's significantly cheaper ($130/year), first 100 entries are free. Although, I think you can pay them to transcribe your logbooks. My main reason was having an organized electronic backup. Scans are very organized and searchable. That helps when you want to see history of a part. I can enter "trim servo", and see every entry that mentions those words.

As long as I enter current times, it tracks all due items that I set up. Not much on the Ovation though. It does take a lot of manual setup, choosing which ADs apply per serial number (engine/prop/airframe/appliances). So perhaps Crewchief automates finding ADs applicable to your serial numbers. I use it to track Annual, ELT (Vis and Battery), 91.411/413, Oil change and a couple other nice to know items (no-back spring, boroscopes, compression checks, NOAA ELT reg, etc). I definitely think Excel is adequate for the few things that legally need tracked. I like knowing I have a backup in the cloud and can share access with my IA for annual.

Would be happy to share more details if you're interested. Customer service has been great too, found a few bugs that they fixed quickly.

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I use MyFlightBook as an electronic pilot's log, but it also has some decent interval tracking features including flight currency, medical, and aircraft maintenance. 

Well worth a look. Completely free, and available for iOS/Android/web. 




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This is a stripped-down version of what I use. It graphs and calculates when ADs, oil changes, mags, etc. are due. Lots of charts.

Nothing wrong with the others (I used to use myflightbook, it's a good one) but in the end I wanted to control the raw data and add my own calculations. For example, I initially started by tracking part numbers only, but found many part manufacturers use both model numbers and part numbers, and sometimes you're missing one or the other, and sometimes you have both. So I started tracking both and now have a complete set of cross-references.

That's the great part about Excel. Add what matters to you. If something doesn't make sense to you, just delete the column. Or do whatever you want.

Template maintenance tracker.xlsx

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