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Hi guys,

I and co-owner have briefly discussed about getting G5 installed to our Mooney. Have any of you based in EU have got it done? It would be good to know how much to budget for this fancy upgrade :)  


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Hi. I've placed an order for 2 G5s plus the other equipment (GAD13/GTP59/GAD29B/GMU11) end of last year. Unfortunately there seem to be delays at the moment. The order was originally supposed to arrive in Dec 20, but is now scheduled for Feb 21.

Anyway, I got quotes from three avionic shops in Germany for the install. They range between 9300 and 13000 € including tax. They range from 35h to over 50h. However, I do not beliefe that the cheap one does cover everything. I've have now ordered the items myself from AirTeam (they have the most competitive prices in EU) and will install them together with a shop. I've therefore already ordered miscellaneous stuff like wires, breakers, terminals, new pitot/static hoses and connections, aluminium for a new panel and brackets, ... It adds up. I'm at 700€ for additional parts on top of the Garmin products and will need a few things more (that's why I'm questioning the 9300 quote). However, some of that is for tools I need (e.g. power supply for testing, crimping tools, wire cutters, etc. for the harness manufacturing).

My Excel sheet says I'm at 5750€ incl. tax at the moment, not counting my own labor of course. I attached a pic of my current wirk status with the wiring prefabricated. Waiting for the delivery of the Garmin stuff to continue.


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I assume that quote includes the two G5s ? The HSI is indeed more work than AI only. 

A single G5 as AI is a much easier install and shouldn’t be too much work, probably half the labour of the hsi installation? I don’t have the breakdown of what it cost to install mine, but I kept my old mechanical HSI for that reason, as my budget didn’t stretch to two G5s, although there are significant advantages of having both.

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I recall Bounemouth Avionics quotes for 2*G5 was 6000£ incl VAT at time when GBP = 1.5 USD...
No idea what prices are now or if they can do it now but I would say probably about 9500Euros?

As above, single G5 without HSI or AP interface should be way more cheaper

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