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Soap and water?

If you are trying to remove the yellowed/browned surface....

This is more of an oxidation challenge... best covered with paint or euro fabric....

Got a pic?

Rule of thumb... if you call it boring, fewer people will take interest in it.... :)

Best regards,


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Not sure what you are asking. If you are asking about screens, they are easy to damage and you need to be very careful about windex, etc. because it can run down the screen and into the electronics. If you are asking about plastic rims and frames, Plexus makes a series of good plastic polishes with grades from coarse to fine. I have used them some on things like the ends of push-pull controls (think the heater control), but the coarser one's are abrasive so you need to take care.

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Yeah  I was mostly interested if anyone found anything that worked best, other than paint.  :)  and yes I am talking about the painted panels.  

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