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aaaaand the aviation gods have spoken

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Did the Av gods at least give you a hint to where all the extra blue anodized looking coating is seeping from?

Top down, from gravity... or bottom up from wicking... or mix from air blowing by....


Often, we are discussing the seal around the screen at the bottom of the separator...  getting the right seal was problematic for a time...

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I was leaking out of the top of the valve.  The indention for the valve handle had about 1/8" standing fuel in it.  Not a huge issue the seal kit was readily available at Lasar.  I just wish I hadn't filled the tanks prior to putting it away.  Draining it down 100% was something of a PITA.  And it was surprisingly difficult to get rid of 45 gallons of fuel.  I put 18 into my 172 but I now own a few nifty new gas cans which will never get used again.  As a bonus I'm swapping out the sump drains which I have been meaning to do for ages.  So all in all the aviation gods should be appeased with my toils.

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4 minutes ago, TonyK said:

 I now own a few nifty new gas cans which will never get used again. 

Never say never. May your fuel tanks be perpetually free of leaks.

(I have my right tank open for leak repair, but burned down to a gallon left so the draining wasn't too bad this time).

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