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Mooney Summit VIII New Dates - October 22-24, 2021

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We are pleased to announce that the postponed Mooney Summit VIII will take place on:

October 22-24, 2021 in Tampa, Florida

Airport:  Peter O’Night Airport in Tampa, FL (KTPF)

Hotel: The Barrymore Hotel https://barrymorehotel.com/ - When the time comes I’ll send out information for booking our discounted room block rate

Registration: www.MooneySummit.com – There is a registration fee this year due to the increased size of the event and associated costs. Registration is $99 prior to July 1, 2021 and $149 after July 1, 2021. One non-pilot spouse/significant other has a zero cost registration.

We will release the tentative schedule at a future date. The format will remain similar with arrival and airport day on Friday, and meetings at the hotel conference space all day Saturday and Sunday morning. Except for those that requested a refund due to COVID, everyone who was registered for Mooney Summit VIII are still good to go. Unless state restrictions prohibit large gatherings in October 2021, and the board believes it is appropriate to hold the meeting, then we still plan to have no wait list and a fully open meeting.

It is our hope to continue to provide the Mooney Community with a superb presentation lineup at the continued largest gathering of Mooney operators in the world. With our uncapped attendance availability, this should be the largest Mooney Summit to date.

Let’s continue to “Better the Breed” in working toward being safer pilots and of course taking care of our own when tragedy strikes.

Check back for updates and thank you for being part of the Mooney Summit.

-The Mooney Summit Board

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*Members that donate $10 or more do not see advertisements*

Correct. We checked other aviation events and did not want to conflict with NBAA, another Mooney event, and also had to check with the Tampa Airport Authority and the hotel. We went with the next weekend, October 22-24, 2021. 

Hopefully the "new normal" will be well upon us by then.


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Walter Dodge of Kelly Aerospace, the good folks that make an outstanding AC for the longbodies (It really works!) has just agreed to provide BBQ for our Friday evening reception! Thanks Walter! He is an amazing pitmaster. Ill pick up a few Salmons for smoking to placate our piscaterians!

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6 hours ago, carusoam said:

@mike_elliott ,

Just to be sure...

I believe I left my dough in the basket from last year...

When registering today... it is asking for payment details again...

Any hint how to handle this situation...?

Best regards,



Anthony, if you previously registered and did not ask for your reg fee to be returned  earlier when we postponed, you are good to go. Rick sent an email to all still registered a couple of days ago. Looking at the registrations I see

Anthony CarusoHillsborough, NJ

$202.00Pilot/IndividualMooney Summit VIIICOMPLETED

Jan 10, 202012:05 am
You are all signed up and did so Jan 10 2020 
See you then if not sooner!
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