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Radio Master rocker switch for sale NS - SOLD

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Hi everyone

I have a new surplus radio master switch/circuit breaker, this is Mooney part number 930023-313A. It is a Klixon style switch with a 3 amp rating:





Lake Aero Styling is out of stock on these and their last selling price for this part was an incredible $535.71. See here:


I would like to get $150 OBO plus shipping (USPS Priority Mail works pretty good). Send PM if interested.

Note this is a regular 3 amp Klixon 20TC2-BB-3, where the BB is the rocker color and the 3 is the amp rating. Very important, if you decide to use this switch body in some other function that requires three amps, you will need to install the switch cover flipped 180 deg for normal function. Mooney does a non-intuitive thing here, to turn the radio master circuit on, the switch is moved up to off (single pole open)! This is to remove hold-open power for the radio master relay. BTW for trivia, the starter solenoid, when engaged, will also route power to the radio master relay to hold it open (radios go off for engine start). Super trivia, pulling the aux bus circuit breaker will also remove the hold open power on the radio master relay. Pull that circuit breaker with the master switch on and watch the radios come on. A great way to win beers from your airport buddies.

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An inherent detail of the fail proof mechanism to deliver power to the avionics in the event the avionics switch fails...

Thanks for the great details that go with that, Norman!  :)

Up is down, and on is off... using a normal switch mounted upside down.... :)

Best regards,


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