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On 10/6/2020 at 8:06 PM, N201MKTurbo said:

I always avoid commenting on these things, but I will break my rule.

Ive landed at TEX about 20 times in my life. The last time was in February.

It seems strange they were flying east of the airport. Everybody departs to the west, down the canyon to lone cone. Then turns toward the east south of the ridge. The terrain rises very sharply to the east, I doubt my turbo plane could out climb it.

same here...terrain is 14k immediate east of TEX with lower terrain down the valley toward placerville.Airport elevation is at 9 k so even jet equipment departs to the west.the way to have done this safely was to depart via valley to gunnison than eval ride through monarch pass at 11k.SAD.....

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I just saw a YouTube video showing a preview of the Bonanza when it was up for sale last February.  It looked like it didn't have shoulder harnesses at the time.  The damage looks bad up to the leading edge of the wing.   I'm not sure it would have been survivable if they had shoulder harnesses but you never know.  

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Probably useless info, but on another site a supposed acquaintance said they believed a friend of theirs lived off the east side of the airport. Possibly doing a flyover.


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