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1986 Mooney M20J for Sale. Based in Charlottesville, VA

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Time to let my bird go as I need to look at something with a little more room.  I have owned N5815X for over 5 years and I love this plane.  She will make a new owner very happy.

Priced at $115,000.  More info here: https://n5815x.webflow.io/.  Logs available upon request.  Just DM me your email address.


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Hi Richard -

That is one pretty bird. One thing that I see which I want 100% is the digital

engine monitoring system. I've been hearing how monitoring the cylinders

really gives an extra factor of comfort when flying. 

I had a conversation today with Mike Jesch. Are you familiar with him? 

He then connected me with Mike Rodgers via email. Mike Jesch actually

flies a Cessna 180 but does do check outs in the Mooney. I believe, near you. 

He menioned the Johnson Bar, which my instructor also mentioned 

to me on my flight this morning. He got his complex rating in a Mooney.

Do you see a HUGE advantage to having that other than cost of maintenance?

In all honesty I wasn't really considering that in the slightest and like the idea

of the electric gear, as I'm sure other pilots do as well. 

What's your take?


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Welcome aboard Stefan...

Preferences for all manual Mooneys, are all over the world...

The only short coming for manual gear... they require a healthy right shoulder to operate...  :)

It doesn’t take a lot of strength, but smoothness of full motion is sort of a requirement...

PP thoughts only, not a physiologist...

Best regards,


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