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Nordo BE36 landing as I'm about to take off in KFIT

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On 9/23/2020 at 9:36 AM, philiplane said:

It's not a dismissive comment at all. It's an admonition to always check the pattern, and final, and never ASSUME the other guy has a radio, has it on the right frequency, and cares to use it. The OP assumed there would be radio contact with other pilots in the pattern, and in doing so, nearly got hit by a landing aircraft. And he would have been in the wrong. The best person to trust with your life, is yourself.

You know, I really didn’t assume anything, I still looked and saw the other plane in time (even though the nose was past the threshold) and avoided a possible disaster. I listened to and communicated my every move on the ground, and was surprised to see someone on a fast aircraft turning what looked like a really low base to a short final. Yes, I should have looked longer, waiting at each sector with my eyes for a few more seconds before moving onto the next one. I will not make that mistake again. I learned to fly at 7B2 just few miles to the west, also an uncontrolled airfield that even uses the same frequency as KFIT. I’ve been cut by a plane taking the runway while I was on final and had to go around more than once. I have also seen planes in a busy pattern who were not communicating. It’s an act of “courage” to hope that the three planes waiting to take off will see you coming in on final before going onto the runaway because you have the right of way. I wrote about my experience in here because I thought it was a valid thing to do, as I learned so much in this and other forums from others who wrote about their own experiences.

I don’t post much on anonymous Internet forums because I see how quickly things turn into a series of misinterpretations and accusations. It’s ugly and I don’t want to put myself in those situations, there’s better things to do with one’s time. That being said I would be glad to have a conversation about flying any time. I love it, I do it to commute from home to work in and around every kind of airport in the country (mostly around NY class B), I do charity flights (really nice one into Boston Logan last week), and I often take those who I love the most with me in the plane. I wouldn’t do any of this if I wasn’t certain that everything under my control wasn’t as safe as humanly possible. 







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