CHT Probe and RPMs

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Looks like CHT no. 2 has crapped out. Should I be replacing all of them? Will they all fail about the same time? 

Also, rpm gage flickering into the red momentarily from time to time but sound of the prop not changing and everything sounds just fine. What's happening?


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CHT sensors live the life of ease... compared to EGTs, which see 1/6th the hardship that a TIT sensor sees...

How many hours on the sensor? 1400?

Probably just want to to find out why it failed... could be a connection looking to be cleaned...

If I remember correctly... the units are microvolts..... very tiny amounts of voltage that need to bridge a connection...

it is possible that it just got dirty... or damaged...

They’re about 0.1 AMU... enough to be annoying for just one...

If you are paying a mechanic to take the cowl off... I still wouldn’t replace anything that wasn't broken... :)

PP thoughts only, not a mechanic...

Best regards,


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I just replaced one of mine, second one in 7 months. Aircraft Spruce sells them about $100 with shipping, ALCOR 86252. I would only replace the CHT probe that’s not working, very easy to replace if doing it yourself.

As far as the tach goes I found that replacing the connectors on the three wires coming from the left mag solved my problem with a flickering tach. The plug in connectors are located on the left side aft bulkhead. PM me if you’d like.

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