Autocad File for M20K 231

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Hi all, I'm looking to paint my 1983 M20K 231. The factory paint job just isn't cutting it any more. I've got an AMAZING graphic designer lined up to design the new look, but it would be great if I could find an Autocad file for an M20K 231 so that I can create top-down and side views for the designer to work with.

Any ideas? Anyone happen to have an autocad file for a M20K 231 "laying around"? =)

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You should have top, front and side views, drawn to scale, in the front of your POH. It ain't AutoCAD, but it's better than nothing.

Photocopy, enlarge and color away!

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There is also a company that does this for a living called scheme designers? Or something similar...

Tow companies... get the good one.....

1) Start with paper drawings like Hank mentioned above...

2) Get your graphics designer to select designs and colors.... and really generate the art....

3) Get the pros to take the art and apply it to the drawing... the scaled drawing then generates The necessary details in full scale...

4) The full scale details help get the art applied properly to the plane....

Oddly enough this part isn’t very expensive compared to the other parts...

Pp thoughts only, not a painter...

Best regards,


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