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1 minute ago, kmyfm20s said:

Do the wing sight fuel gauges go higher than 30 gallons on the R models? If they do I would be interested in thoughs if available.

About 35 gal on mine...


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Nope, they went in my plane yesterday... 

Hard to see a ‘96 being put down. Hopefully there was a lot more damage than just a prop strike, otherwise it’d be nice to see it in the air again. Your prices look really good. 

Where are you at for shipping considerations? Some of these parts are big enough for local pickup or will require crating. What year or serial number is it so we can check fitment of parts?

Posted Images

Sorry Lucas Gear parts are sold. I still have the upper main gear leg and wheels. But brakes and axles are gone.

I have the LH fuel gauge.


oxygen regulator should still be here. 

Anybody need the tail assembly? 

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If it has the complete installed O2 system....

1) Tank brackets

2) Pressure regulator

3) Shut-off valve

4) Pilot side slide control

5) All the tubes and wire that goes with it...

6) ceiling mounted connection points... X4

Would make a nice O2 system for somebody... :)

I don’t think I see any evidence of it in the pics...

Best regards,


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19 hours ago, N56354 said:

How much for the over head Light panel. Just the Black Panel.


Sorry whole interior is gone. Thanks


15 hours ago, squeaky.stow said:


How about the inner and mid gear doors? 


all gear doors are gone. 



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