Mounting a RAM TabTite to panel

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I intended to have this done when the panel was done, but it got away from me.

Plan is to mount an iPad mini as shown in the photo, using a RAM TabTite holder, machine screws, a .5" thick rubber pad for standoff and vibe isolation, through the blank powder coated aluminum panel into....nut plates I think.

Questions are:

1. Am I allowed to do this or do I need an A&P to do it?

2. Are nut plates the way to go?

3. Are the adhesive nut plates shown the way to best do it?

Any and all advice/experience/ better ideas appreciated. 





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Short answer is yes it can be installed but you need an A&P to sign it off and make a log book entry, as tools are required. You may be able to install it under an A&P's supervision if you can find one willing. 

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Nice explanation!



Whenever you think about how I can mess up flying in IMC....

1) electrical system

2) vacuum system

3) Instruments themselves

4) These are Best documented by the proper mechanic...

5) The wires are part of the ship...  Connecting and disconnecting the iPad is temporary.

6) This type of install is really good for the iPad... it keeps the wires from getting pulled and snarled... and looks like it belongs there.

PP thoughts only, not a mechanic or instrument guy...

Best regards,


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