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Stay home; don’t roam, all you intrepid fliers. Be safe and do thank all our first responders, and so many other courageously brave people on the front lines, assisting us to get through these perilous times. 

May we stay positive and pull together. We will get through it, stronger, better and wiser. 

Subject: FLORIDA
Dear Mooney Enthusiast,
We had a great turnout at our last lunch at Winter Haven with 10 Mooneys, 1 Bonanza, and 1 Skipper bringing 21 people together.  The weather was good, and everyone seem to enjoy the event.
At any rate, since the Governor closed all of the restaurants except for take out, and considering everything else I have decided to cancel the entire schedule of events until this “situation” is behind us.  I will make and e-mail a new schedule when things get back to normal.
A new member, Chad Ward, would like to buy a M20J or K.  If you have one for sale, or know of one for sale you can contact him at
Stay healthy and happy.
Dave and Ruth
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