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I wanted to let everyone know that I have had really good support and communication with Aspen so far with my EFD1000 Pro Max install.

Prior to installing the new unit we decided to send it back to Aspen to undergo their new bench testing to determine if it would exhibit the reset behavior that affected some units in the field.  The idea was to get it addressed first and avoid having a reset in flight down the road.  After a week, Aspen finished running our unit through the test procedure and let us know that it exhibited the reset behavior reported in the field.  I am glad the reset happened on the bench and not in flight!

They also let us know that they have a SW update that addresses the underlying cause of the reset that is being finalized and submitted to the FAA.  We were told that once they get the SW update approved, they will resubmit the affected units through the test procedure and will be able to ship back our unit with the update once the issue is confirmed as cleared.  This probably is what is driving the delay in getting upgrade units shipped out but it appears that Aspen is dealing with this issue as fast as they can and pushing to get everyone their Max units.  Hopefully the FAA can approve the update quickly so we don't have too much longer to wait.

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First post! Please don't kick me out.  I don't currently own a Mooney...I owned one for 5 years, a 1986 M20J, but now have a Saratoga II HP...needed space.  I burn about 5 gph more now to get a consistent 162KTAS than 157KTAS in my M20J on 9.7gph.  But who's counting.  I have also traded away a tremendous amount of 'sporty car feel'.  Ah..the trade offs of a flying SUV.  I do love the stability of the Saratoga though in IFR.  Gives and takes.  


Anyhow, felt compelled to write.  I have nothing to do with Aspen other than I am currently getting an Evolution Pro Max installed as I type.  Piper doesn't really have an active forum so I have stayed true to follow here and gather as much 'preflight' information before going Aspen as well.  For Mooneydriver1 I can say I have had a glitch or two in my installation but Andy Smith (have spoken to on phone) and Aspen in general has been responsive and done the right things to get me back in the air.  With luck, by Tuesday or so I'll have the ACU2 I needed delivered, and will be back in the air after a 3 week fix. Fingers crossed.   I wouldn't hesitate to stick with Aspen.  All systems, especially one's kind to work with other manufacturers have their set up issues.  Think Windows 98 and an HP printer.  But...the system I've flown behind in other airplanes and even with my glitches, considering Aspen's responsiveness, I'd go with them again.   Not to say others aren't good options too.  Nice to have options.  Tailwinds! 



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Welcome aboard FLsaratoga!

Great Aspen Pirep!

Thanks for sharing...

Best regards,


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