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It has been a long journey that started 26 years ago.  I started but didn't finish my ppl.  I walked away with just my check ride.  I know, what was I thinking?  One of those decisions that I have regretted for so many years. We recently moved to a new state and simplified our lives.  Part of that was to get back and finish my ppl and buy a plane.  During my training, there were some school plane damage, done by other people and a choice was made with the help of this great forum.  I came across a plane that I really loved and it checked all of the boxes.  It's an M20S screaming eagle with FIKI and upgraded dash.  I purchased this plane and with an instructor, flew it home and found a hangar right away for it's new home. 

Finishing my training in my plane was a lot of fun and found how much it flew like my Porsche drove.  Tight and accurate.  My instructor became used to me saying how much I love my plane sometime during each flight.  It was fun to slow down the plane to Va to perform maneuvers by throwing out the speed brakes and immediately go into clearing turns.  So much fun!

Well, I will have been checked off to take my ppl oral and flight exam on Monday!  I am so excited to get done with something that started so many years ago!

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Some things are worth the wait...

Know your numbers, keep making adjustments...

Good luck!

Best regards,


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