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252 Performance Data - Garmin Pilot

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As a fellow 252 pilot, all you need to know about performance is... shove all three levers forward and you'll get good performance :D

But in all seriousness, what performance data are you looking for? I have a basic performance profile in ForeFlight but it's pretty basic. And the numbers are very rough. Climb is dependent on weight. Cruise is completely dependent on altitude. But here's what I have.

Climb: 120 TAS, 26 gph, 800 FPM

Cruise: 175 TAS, 9.5 gph

Descent: 200 TAS, 9.5 gph, 500 FPM

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Interesting. I don't have any data like that for my 252. I'm pretty confident though, I know what it will do in all phases of flight and in most conditions. I've got a folder full of pictures that document the performance in different situations.


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I have a Rocket.  I use the M20K 231 aircraft type in Garmin Pilot, and then I open up the full table as above (you can't do this from the app, you have to do it from a web browser at FlyGarmin.com).  I put in enough Rocket climb and cruise data points (but not all of them in that table...sheesh) to give me a sampling of what I think I would ordinarily do...and go with it.

Like the Rocket, the 252 is going to be "better than the 231", so you know it's conservative, and should keep you safe.

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Every plane is slightly different, every pilot flies it slightly differently. For example, in your climb do you climb at 500 fpm or 700  fpm or 900 fpm? And of course cruise speed varies quite a bit based on how you operate your engine. So this is one area you need to determine your own numbers using your own flying preferences. 

For me, I have an Encore with TKS, so it's not as fast as others.

You don't have to fill out every box. For climb and descent I have just one line filled out with the numbers below. For cruise, I start at 10,000 feet and go up, it uses the 10,000 foot entry for altitudes below.

Climb 600 fpm, 25 GPH, 120 KIAS

Cruise 10,000 ft, 150 kt, 10.5 GPH. For every 1000 feet higher I add 2 kt. 

Descent -500 fpm, 180 Kt, 10.5 GPH

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