Why Not...SR20 VS M20J

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21 minutes ago, Hank said:

It's closer than the thread comparing M20-J to an A-36!

I figured at 6500 ft that the rocket would be at its worst and the NA Cirrus at its best, so it was an interesting place to make the comparison. And that is where I was faster but the least faster I would be.

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9 hours ago, Alan Fox said:

Be careful , you might get labeled a "Mooney Trasher" like me.....  PS I love my S 35.... and my Mooneys 

I've had four Mooneys and have over 1,000 hours in them. I like them. But they aren't a Bonanza in any fashion.

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20 years ago, one of my students bought a brand new A36.  As his CFI, I got the factory training and got the owner his Instrument rating in the A36.  I flew that airplane up and down the east coast and ultimately flew it with him from Williamsburg, VA to Cabo San Lucas for his Instrument cross country (no shit).

I have nicely over 1,000 hours of Mooney time, and I love how Mooneys fly, but that A36 and the other Beechcraft I've flown are sweet to fly.  That includes an N35 and a B58 Baron.  For Mooney owners who've never flown a Beech, it's like comparing that girl-next-door first love you had to the woman you wound up with.  You wouldn't consider trading, but you can't help thinking about it every now and then.

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