M20K is finally home! - first impressions after a 1200nm flight + Radio is a little iffy - looking for opinions/advice

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42 minutes ago, Marauder said:


It is indeed in the fresh air plenum. I replaced my coax for all the antennas on the plane. The front antenna’s cable was held onto the roll bar with metal fasteners that deformed and had cut into the old cable a fair amount.

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Those metal clamps seem quite evil.  I have to open up that side of the plane to run some wires.   Might as well throw some RG400 in the bundle.  I already ran a some for the Nav antenna.   Thinking about it though the Skyview radio is remote mount back in the comm bay.   hmmm


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1 hour ago, Ricky_231 said:

yikes - yesterday the radio seemed to be working better (not perfect) after all my jiggling of the coax plugs. I'm still taking it to the shop and having everything checked, refastened, maybe get new cables. Other than that plane is behaving very well - so I'm happy!

For the BK antenna connection there is an almost impossible to get to split ring that holds the antenna to the back of the tray.   removing and reinserting the unit into the tray will do more good than jiggling wires.

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You and me, both. I’m going to have all of my antenna cables replaced in my Rocket. Take note of the ones by your left knee. Mine had inline couplings there, one of their crimped collars had come loose and corrosion had formed under it. I was billed hundreds of dollars for diagnostics by the avionics shop and they failed to spot that one. 

A couple easy things to check are to verify you’ve got continuity between the center and ground from the radio cage, and then disconnect the antenna and verify it’s open to ensure you don’t have a short in the coax somewhere. Also verify you don’t have any unterminated junction boxes sitting around broadcasting harmonics into your airplane. 



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