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Mooney T-Shirts

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Fellow Mooniacs-

My favorite Mooney t-shirt was falling apart from years of wear & tear.  Jolie Lucas gave it to me probably ten years ago.  I went online to see if I could buy a new Mooney shirt - no such luck.  So I went to my local graphic design shop who makes custom shirts and clothing on a regular basis.  My initial order was expensive, as I went with the minimum number of shirts (24).  Now I'll never wear them all, and a few of them are already committed to lucky recipients.  If you'd like to buy one from me, please send me an email  

All shirts are XL, 100% cotton.  They are pocket t's which I really like.  I have attached photos to this message.  I figure there will be a dozen or so available, so first come, first serve, $25 per shirt plus whatever the cost is to ship to you.



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*Members that donate $10 or more do not see advertisements*

Did you look here?

I'll take one of yours for $25+shipping.  I'll send you a PM.


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Nice shirt!

I wore a pair of Jolie Mooney Ambassador/Boots shirts @ the summit this week...

They became a bit thin and ragged over the last decade...

unfortunately, XL is more of a dress size for me...   :)

Best regards,


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