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Forgive me if I step on anyone's toes. Some very good intentions were started by others but I believe they are not getting the visibility they should being buried deep in another thread; hence, this new one.

Mooney Pilot Mark Brandemuelhl was in a crash of a new Mooney earlier this month. He suffered substantial life changing injuries. The details are too sad to repeat but can be found near the end of the thread, here:


Also towards the end of the article, it mentions ways to donate such as
          PayPal to: iwannadonate@mooneysummit.com

or      donation to Jenny via zelle

Many have donated via these methods already. There is a new go-fund-me page at:          


which is a pretty easy way to donate. The go-fund-me site also makes it easy way to share the funding cause/info outside of the MooneySpace "family".  I'm sure he and his family would appreciate it.

FYI, I am not affiliated in any way and have no specific knowledge or details. Don't expect any responses. My only intentions are captured in the first few sentences.

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*Members that donate $10 or more do not see advertisements*

Feel free to reply as this will keep the topic near the top of the category and in the Recent Threads section. As mentioned, this thread is all about visibility. The real charity was begun by others. 

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Good point Dan. For those that dont know or remember, Bill Gilliland (BG foundation referenced by Dan) perished in a Mooney accident in 2014 where he and the plane were consumed in fire. His accident and Mark's have many similarities. Bill was constantly trying to improve himself not only as a pilot but a human being with his kindness. Just a week before his death, him and his daughter spent a week in Haiti building homes for others, less fortunate.

paypal or zelleypay your Tax deductible donations to


Mooney Summit is a 501c3 registered charity thats purpose is to aid downed Mooney Pilot's families at the time of their greatest need, and to "better the breed" of the Mooney pilot.


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