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1. We purchased the MLB100 with our Avidyne AXP 322 and IFD 540.
2. Also, we have a GDL39R being used with Garmin Pilot. 

3. What we have noticed on the Garmin Pilot with a GDL-39 since around mid-2018, after the update, we now have access and can utilize the new FIS-B weather products are available such as the following:

  • Lightning
  • Turbulence
  • Icing
  • Cloud Tops
  • Graphical AIRMET
  • Center Weather Advisory
4. My question is since MLB unit is a NAVWORX unit and NAVWORX is out of business, will the MLB100 units receive any updates via Avidyne and/or any other 3rd party source that may take on these units.
If no, then basically, we have invested into a product (that is only a couple of years old) that will not provide any current FIS-B functionality.
5. Will these new FIS-B WX products become available via a firmware update to the IFD 540?
Now for another scenario 
6.  Will the Garmin GTX 345R work with the IFD540?  This will allow us to remove both the AXP-322 and MLB100 and 1 unit in lieu of 2.  
7.  In addition to question #6 (if the 345R will work) will the newer ADS-B products be supported with the IFD unit?
Overall it seems like the IFD unit will need a firmware update to support the newer ADS-B features since many of these features are consider map overlays that the end-user can toggle off and on. 
8.  Regardless if you fly with a Garmin GTN or Avidyne IFD series, why can't you have Winds aloft and FIS-B Radar displayed both at the same time?  On the inexpensive Garmin Pilot app you can display both at the same time, but not on our $$,$$$ GPS units.
9.  On the IFD100 will the newer FIS-B products be available?
10  What about the Skytrax 100?  Is the the same operating system and different name?  Is this a total different unit?  and can any details be provided about the new ADS-B FIS-B products in regards of the Skytrax100 supporting these features?
Sorry, I do not fly with Foreflight; although, I do have the Foreflight APP. Foreflight users are welcome to chime in just as long the points are related to this post.  The same goes for Garmin GTN, Avidyne IFD users, and/or any other FIS-B equipment and application that is applicable.  
This posting is not about which unit is better or worst; however, the objective is to determine and/or gather information and functionality based on the details depicted within this posting.
Thank you.
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Received this feedback from a Avidyne user:

The GTX345 (panel mounted) does send ADS-B to the Avidyne, but the GTX345R (remote) will not interfacecwith the Avidyne. I can’t speak to the new weather options, but the new Skytrax is the Freeflight receiver, not the Navworx. 

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Based on Skytrax being a Freeflight unit, this unit will most likely be supported; especially, since Freeflight is not out of business like the Narworx MLB100.
Overall, this makes me mad since the Avidyne Rep. suggested that we purchased the MLB 100, to earn our business and to keep us from buying a Garmin ADS-B solution.  Now, we discovered in approximately 1 year from date of purchase that the MLB100 manufacturer was far less than an ethical Avidyne service partner and went out of business due to shady and bad affairs, law suites, and pressure from the FAA.
So now another question to add on to the original posting... 
#11  Will there be any attempts to offer the MLB100 users the newer software level support or a transition upgrade path to the Skytrax unit?
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