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FAQ or Sorted Topics Section?

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Dear webmaster,

As a relatively new MS member I occasionally see resurrected threads that provide some really good information.  If edited, these old threads could form the basis of a section on various topics that represent a valuable summary of discussions.   For instance, I just discovered this jackscrew thread.   The entire thread is certainly not necessary, but it could be edited down to present some very valuable info in a concise manner explaining how to remove the jackscrew for cleaning/lubrication and repair if necessary.

If someone hadn't resurrected it, I wouldn't have seen it until I searched for it.   But I think the essential information there is really valuable, coincidentally because I've noticed the jackscrew in my bird getting a little sticky lately.  

If MS had a section not unlike a FAQ, where you or some editor can post a summary of an old thread that is not editable, but readable by all, that would be fantastic.  It would help reduce redundant threads that rehash material that has already been discussed ad-infinitum.   We could get away with this in part because we all have different variations of the same model of aircraft.  New/similar or overlapping threads that include information not in the 'FAQ' section could be added.  You could ask members to nominate prior threads for status in the FAQ section.     There is so much here, and some real jewels in the rough that with a little work could be great summaries of different issues folks have addressed with the M20 series.

Anyhow, this is just a thought.  Given that MS administrative salaries are so high, perhaps I ask too much ;)

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