Landing Gear Shock Disks Source?

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Letter back from Lord...

Not exactly good news... But we have a contact for further questions...


LORD M18 Engine Mounts

Hi A,


Thank you for contacting LORD. Unfortunately, we do not make rubber engine mounts for the Mooney M18 aircraft. Generally, our sandwich mounts are between 2.27” and 3.05”at the outermost diameter, so we would likely not be able to find a smaller part to fit.


Thanks and please let us know how else we can assist,



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Letter back from Univair...

Similar result, and another contact made...


Hello A,

I asked the other sales reps and they recommended trying to contact different owners clubs and see what they're using. We are not going to stock this part and we don't have a direct supplier for rubber molded parts. Let me know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Univair Aircraft Corporation

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