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How to reduce the incline on front seats

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Hi All,

I am planning recovering the seats in 1966 E.  The incline of the seats even after adjusting the knob on the cam  is too much.  I find leaning back to be uncomfortable after several hours.  The use of foam and additional padding might correct the problem but I think a seat frame that is less inclined would be a better starting place.  I currently wedge plastic on top of the cam but it slips sometimes.

Has anyone had the problem of too much incline and devised a good work around?

Thanks for any good suggestions.


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If i understand your question correctly, you feel like the seat is reclined too much and you want to sit up straighter.  I had a similar problem because my seat cam had been chewed up from years of use and botched repairs.  

One of the folks in the forum below made some in their shop as an owner produced part.  This included a higher notch which allowed the seat to sit forward more than the factory cams do.  It appeared much more robust as well. 



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Thanks for the information.  Cams are probably the problem.  I will check on them  them this weekend.  The interior work will be done during my November 2019 annual.  So I have some time to repair my cams or have new cams made.  November 2019 annual will hopefully be a biggie with the install of a TT autopilot.



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