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This is just a shameless plug for those of you who plan to make purchases on amazon. The Mooney Summit is the only 501c3 that gives back to the Mooney community thru the Bill Gilliland foundation and the production of the Mooney Summits and we aim to keep our registration fees at ZERO. Please consider your year end tax deductible donations to include the Mooney Summit, and your Amazon purchases by using the above link or by going to  and selecting The Mooney Summit, Inc. as your charity. We get .005% donation of purchases made this way from Amazon.

Thanks for considering this worthwhile Mooney Charity.

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*Members that donate $10 or more do not see advertisements*

Great reminder Mike!

Had the discussion earlier this week.... with friends and family... (spread the purchasing power)

We put so much effort into flying safely... the discussion of supporting downed flyers, didn’t come off as awkward as it may initially sound.

Best regards,


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