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Mooney performance charts in XL


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On 10/13/2018 at 6:59 AM, patrickf said:

Update 14th March 2022

Guys, a message from someone on this forum chasing an open copy of my XL sheet has prompted me to issue new versions for M20R, M20R with 310HP STC and M20J which I completed about a year back.

I was hoping to add more models but hit a snag with our German OpenAsApp friends changing their model so that I could now only publish 1 App on the free membership. I have been pushing for them to reconsider but without luck. Luckily I still have access to the 3 I'd already published so can cheat a bit and reuse them.
I do hope to do more models and if I do I will add here.
Links to the tools:
M20R    XL   https://bit.ly/M20R_XLS
            App   https://bit.ly/M20R_OasA

M20R310    XL   https://bit.ly/M20R310_XLS
                  App   https://bit.ly/M20R310_OasA

M20J    XL   https://bit.ly/M20J_XLS
            App   https://bit.ly/M20J_OasA

I am using bitly links so I can keep track of what is happening and easily update in future.
Depending on how your system is set up the link will take you to the location in your browser. You can then use the Open button to open in excel, or may have to use the Dropbox options (little arrow top left) to go back to Public folder and download from there.
If you do use the App version I would suggest that you also download the associated XL sheet so you understand the source data for details and limitations.

Quick Usage guide XL sheet
Quick Video on how to use spreadsheet:   https://bit.ly/XL_howto
Base Information - Update the base information sheet to match numbers for your aircraft. Save a base copy.
W&B - fill info into green cells. Weights and fuel load are carried forward to other sheets but can be changed on those sheets.
Work sheet_takeoff - Fill in new weight if you need to, and remaining values in green cells
Takeoff Table - use to generate a takeoff table. Read the instructions on the page. If you need to reformat copy the resulting table to word or similar and paste as a table then format.
Work sheet_landing - similar to takeoff but you will probably want to change the weight to your expected landing weight.
Landing Table - similar to Takeoff table
Speed Range Endurance - limited depending on model. M20R is fairly comprehensive, even if of limited use. 
Great software and very responsive team that have taken on a number of my suggestions.
Currently a dead option as the latest pricing has limited free published Apps to 1, and the first tier of paid access is around $90 a month ! I am still pursuing.
The first time you click the link it will ask you to install the OpenAsApp app. Then it should give you an option to open the sheet. Let me know your thoughts and any bugs. Works well for those quick “how much fuel can I load “ calcs as well as landing/take off distances. Fits on my iphone SE screen so should be better on larger ones.
Once you have input your own values including BEW and arm use the menu accessed from the top right to save for future. 
You'll want to change the BEW - ours has AC and Oxy!
All sheets take values from the loading on the W&B page unless you input an alternative fuel load, or weight.
Apologies but you guys will still have to input load weights in metric. 
If you are running ROP input values into the LOP page - they are carried to the ROP page.
As before happy for any suggestions, or bugs. For the app any changes I make are "pushed". 

THE LONG VERSION (boring bits)
I originally did this as a labour of love to allow easier use of POH charts. Owning the plane made the effort worthwhile.
The spreadsheet was built "organically" so some of the calculations and methods are a bit quirky.

The tools are specifically NOT to replace any of the clever Apps out there - just to allow easier use of the original POH data.

How I use it:
I use the app version for our plane (M20R VH OVH) to check weight and balance, particularly for "full fuel load" if I'm on a long trip. Also handy when you are filling a US gallons plane with liters here in Aus. I use the landing performance page mainly to double check my approach ref speed for the weight and  I'll also double check the take off and landing performance and distances if I'm heading somewhere I don't know well, or I know is "tight".
Development update (for the geeks)
I now use tables for power settings rather than the generated formulas I used before. The Table is in a hidden sheet: "Z_Power Table ..."
Newer versions of the XL sheet don't include detailed performance charts as they have limited use and are a pain to generate.
In any case if you are like me you get a couple of settings from the book, rework them for real life and rarely go back to the book except if you need a particular setting for a different profile. The older model POHs have tables which are easier to look up if you are really keen.
I did the exercise originally for the M20R just to see if it could be done and I very occasionally have a play around with power settings and range - mainly to remind myself why we bought a Mooney, and how much further it can fly past where I need the loo!
Addition of generated tables for landing/takeoff - thanks to a suggestion from @midlifeflyer I have added tables for takeoff/landing as well as the original charts.
Tables have been left as unprotected sheets or they won't work so take care not to corrupt, or take a copy before you do. The tables are set up as a pivot tables with some tricky data table generation as the source. If you want to reformat the look just highlight and copy & paste to a blank worksheet or other document once you have the info you want.
I am now developing all the XL sheets off a common base to save time and reduce errors. It also makes Apps for new models and the updates to the Apps much easier as the same value always hits the same cell across the models. One of the side effects of this is that the newer sheets aren't as "pretty" as the original. In some cases there are unused cells etc. 
Note the errors made using the graphical method in some of the Mooney base examples - they had fat fingers as well!
My graphics are for confirmation only. Values are calculated off formulas digitised from the original chart. Some error but very minimal.

(for the real geeks)
Workings are in hidden cells generally to the RHS of displayed info, or in hidden sheets.
To unprotect sheets - Password YCAB  (our home strip)
M20J notes
Have spot checked against POH 1221 - ISSUED 11-15-77 which has tables rather than charts for TO and LNG at max weight. Values align reasonably well but table values generally LESS conservative for 50 foot distances. You can use the Table sheets in the XL to generate a table equivalent to the one in the old POHs but including varying weights.  Have changed the MP value in the power table for 8000/75%/2700 as the value in the published table appears to be an error. (highlighted)

I have added POH details and variant as a check against source data
These are tools for info only. No liability accepted.
I enjoy this but it takes time. Support is very little and sporadic!
Thanks to all the members who have provide feedback via the forums and PMs. Special thanks to @Deb and DaveD who did a heap of QA on th XL and App versions.


Posted October 13, 2018

I've uploaded this in  case anyone else wants to use them. Think they are good for all the M20Rs
I generally use an EFB on the Ipad for planning but occasionally go back to the POH for a check, or on review flights when I hit an instructor who insists on "old school". I also find the electronic ones I use don't handle take off and landing distances well either and for longer flights I like to print out all the calcs to cover me legally. I've always found this form of chart a pain by hand.
I've been meaning to do this for a while but recently becoming a part owner in a GX2 Ovation meant the effort was worthwhile. 
Let me know if you find any bugs - I'm sure there's still a couple. If you want to see the calcs behind the numbers unhide the columns to the RHS of the charts. In all cases I've plotted on the POH charts as a cross check. The password is the home of our plane "YCAB" - Caboolture, Australia.



Guys have had a couple,of people download the old version. Refer my next post below for updated and App. Next time I’ll do it right and modify this one. 

Awesome work Patrick, thanks!

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@haymak3r spotted an error W&B section in the App version of the M20J spreadsheet - thanks.

I had some code that I lost when I cut the copy accross to the "spare" free App copy and had to redo it.

Make sure you accept the update offered when the App opens so you have the current version.

Also if you downloaded a copy of the M20J XL sheet download it again as I have had to make a small change to that as well.

regards PatrickF

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11 hours ago, Will.iam said:

How hard would it be to modify for a K version?

Have a version of the XL sheet that's looking ok. No promises on timing but will upload as soon as it is in shape.

Hopefully I can work out how to get more App copies from our German friends so it's on the App as well.


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  • 2 months later...

Hi Patrick, @patrickf thanks for the updates. It’s great to have a Mooney specific performance calculator.

i just downloaded the 310hp version and noticed that in the take off and landing tabs the (field/airport) altitude is not present but it still is in the original version. Is that on purpose?


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@Robert C.  Thanks for the heads up. That’s a stuff up. I’ll fix and push an update as soon as I have some decent connection. Currently off an island in Fiji - and it’s very scratchy. 

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On 5/26/2022 at 6:24 AM, Robert C. said:

Hi Patrick, @patrickf thanks for the updates. It’s great to have a Mooney specific performance calculator.

i just downloaded the 310hp version and noticed that in the take off and landing tabs the (field/airport) altitude is not present but it still is in the original version. Is that on purpose?


Thanks @Robert C. Think I have it sorted - should be good to go.

When you log in to the App it should advise of an update -  Accept it.

General NOTAM - if anyone finds any issues with the Apps, or the XL sheets let me know and I'll attempt to update as soon as able.

Patrick F

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2 hours ago, patrickf said:

First post in this thread updated - again.  (this post to get it on the board !)

M20K and M20U added



+1 A version for the Acclaim (M20TN) would be awesome!!

(Just in case you need a POH https://www.dropbox.com/s/oes1bx00tz3t496/Acclaim Type S POH-generic.pdf?dl=0  )  :)

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On 3/14/2022 at 10:17 PM, patrickf said:

First post in this thread updated (this post to get it on the board !)



Guys,  quick heads up for anyone that downloaded the M20K XL sheet yesterday (It looks like there where about 10 of you)

I accidently linked to the "App" version which is a cut down/open version I use to generate the App service - operator error!

You can see all the workings and it is missing the "pretty" bits.

The link above is updated to the right one with all the sheets..



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19 hours ago, hubcap said:

Great work!

Is there a way to use pounds rather than kilos?

@hubcap I could rebuild but not worth it - sorry.

I've built them all off the M20R version which was for my use. The newer W&Bs have both on the table. Both the XL sheet and the App do give you the pounds conversion in W&B and use pounds in the performance tabs as that is what is used on the graphs.

I've done similar for the fuel as the rest of the world fills up in liters even though all the guages are in Gal. It's a pretty common calc error - and not the right way if you are short of fuel.

1/2 the pounds less 10% gets you within a pound for the conversion. Easiest way is to set up and save the numbers both for the XL and th App. Then it's minimal changes for passengers.



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14 hours ago, Danb said:

Patrick will you be adding one for the Bravo. M20M

Yep - on the list.

I have a line up of the modern turbo planes to do. Will take a little while as the calcs and charts are a bit different.

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