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On 3/13/2019 at 6:56 PM, Shadrach said:

I’ve been using FlyQ for a few years now. I’ve also used Foreflight and the EFB. I went back to FlyQ because of the great offers they were making last year. However,  I’m having a FlyQ issue. Synthetic vision has never worked as expected. It does not populate the downloaded terrain. I’ve always assumed that required some sort of augmented GPS signal and it was never that important to me. Recently, I flew a friend down to NC to deliver the prop from his Comanche 250 to H&H propeller. He was using iFly on his tablet while I ran FlyQ on my iPad. I was surprised by the detail and accuracy of iFly synthetic vision. FlyQ displayed nothing but towers and did not allow me to pan around. IFly looked like a sophisticated flight sim only it matched what I was seeing outside the cockpit. I assume there’s an issue with my installation or settings. I’ve tried to trouble shoot it. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I’ve redownloaed the map and terrain data. I’ve looked through the manual and YouTube videos. Haven’t found a solution. I emailed Seatle avionics (can’t call support) with pictures.  I got a closed ticket back suggesting that I download the terrain that I’ve already downloaded several times. Poor showing across the board. I’m glad I didn’t buy the lifetime membership.

iFly GPS has become my "go to" app.

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