305 Rocket Review

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6 hours ago, Shadrach said:

Throw some sprayers on it an you have a legitimate high speed aerial applicator.

All the space and payload is already taken up with jet fuel. If I recall the fuselage tank holds 1100 liters and each drop tank holds 150 liters, 390 gallons. That will keep the engine running for about an hour.

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On 8/16/2018 at 3:14 PM, PJClark said:

Thank you gentlemen.

to clarify:  as it happens, the 185 knot Rocket has no step.  I kinda figured it had to be drag--I'm thinking mostly of control rigging, or even an elevator trim setting that's having to overcompensate for forward CG.  That airplane should be fairly clean.  It has a 1 piece belly, and the panel has a 430W, a KX155, and a KT76 xponder, no ADF.  Maybe the antenna is still there...

Or maybe it's the way his fuel system is set up?  I figure at that 21gph setting he's running the recommended 100-150 ROP, but maybe not getting a clean burn and actually making the HP?

on the other side, the YouTube Rocket (N231AM, just looked again) is almost certainly running LOP at 15.9 gph.  I can't divine his CHTs from the JPI, but the legacy TIT guage is reading 1425. He's got a 530, a KNS 80, something else as a King Comm, and a newish looking Garmin Transponder.  Antennas should be about a wash between the two unless they have a bunch of un-removed stuff (I'm not enough of a GA guy to know if you can even leave that stuff on).

Point is, the faster guy is getting 210 at 65% power at FL180, he'll probably also get the book number of 195 KTAS at 12,000, which is plenty fast, still at the elegant ~16 gph--and those 10-15 knots are enough for me to want that airplane more than I'd want an Ovation (not trying to start anything with that--I can live with an Ovation if the differnce isn't big enough).

But the slower guy is getting pretty much an Ovation number on a ton of gas, and he's 18 KTAS slower than book at 12 k, so he llikely won't make 210 KTAS at 65% power, either.

The slower airplane is nicely priced, and I'm tempted--pending the approval of the aforementioned Ministries, which are not yet in danger of granting it--but suddenly wondering about this speed differential.

Any other ideas?

And to thrown in another one:  IF I were to buy one of these machines, are there Rocket CFIIs one can find to teach what needs to be learned???  And can one get some training in a Rocket from such a CFII before one goes to collect the airplane from its pre-buy?  I'm obviously not the first person to confront this problem so I'm guessing there's a simple solution I'm too dumb to have thought of!



If you come to AZ, I know a CFI who has access to a Rocket he routinely flies, and he has flown mine as well(which is also for sale).  He might do the training elsewhere also.  I am sure he would give you excellent instruction as needed for the Rocket. 

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